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Spanx is a range of hosiery and shapewear undergarments used to shape and streamline the body shape for smoother contours under fitted clothing. It helps to hide undesirable bumps as well as firming up wobbly bits in order to achieve an instantly slimmer silhouette.

Shapewear has been around since Babylonian times, when the girdle was first invented. The goddess Ishtar was thought to have worn the girdle to increase fertility, women used them as a symbol of virginity and protection, while men used them to give an impression of strength and masculinity. Girdles were used through the ages and well into the 20th century to shape, strengthen and control the body. Other bodyshapers like the corset were used by both men and women to train the waist and shape the body into the fashion ideal of the time. 16-17 inches was once considered the ideal waist size and many contraptions employing the use of metal and whalebone were used to achieve that perfect ‘wasp waist’ that was highly desirable in such times. Many of these devices often had detrimental effects such as only being able to breathe from the top of one’s lungs, fainting spells, and in extreme cases, even broken ribs! Fortunately shapewear today is much more forgiving and is made up of much softer, highly tensile materials which help you to achieve the shape you want without any of the detrimental effects of previous bodyshapers.

Spanx shapewear was created by an American entrepreneur known as Sarah Blakely in the early 2000s and has since become the number one choice of body and control wear for many women around the world. It offers many advantages to men and women looking to contour their bodies, helping them to look slimmer, getting rid of muffin tops and other undesirable bumps, hiding bra straps other undergarment lines as well as giving an overall athletic and toned look to both men and women.

Spanx comes in a variety of shapewear for both men and women.spanx-shape-my-day-open-bust-nude

Spanx for women

Spanx shapewear for women includes bodysuits, shorts, waist cinchers, bras and briefs and hosiery. Spanx collections come in the power series, undie-tectable, classic, haute contour, shape my day, boostie-yay and ready to wow ranges.







Spanx for Men
Shapewear for men includes shaping undershirts as well as control briefs and boxers.

Spanx shapewear are a great way to achieve a streamlined silhouette and slimmer shape instantly without having to engage in a strict diet program or take part in exhausting exercise. They help you to hide untoned body parts to make you seem more athletic without spending a penny at the gym. For those of us still struggling to bring our weight under control, spanx can be a simpler way to achieve that contoured look until our exercise program helps us to develop the real thing.