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Are you a size 12 woman and think you’re ‘too fat’?

According to a study by Slimming World, only 1 out of 17 size 12 women believe themselves to be slim.

The current national average size of  UK women is a dress size 16, therefore it is sad to hear a substantial amount of size 12 women feel unhappy with there weight.

What is the ‘normal’ dress size  that women would feel happy with?

There is a large amount of size 6 and size 8 celebrities currently promoting a range of fitness DVD’s which suggest that any dress size greater than them is considered to be overweight. However depending on your height; a dress size 12 is considered to be within a healthy BMI range.

The study also showed that those who feel overweight have negative thoughts at least five times a day, regarding their current size. These include the envy of others you feel look better than you, or looking in the mirror while trying something on when you’re out shopping.

Are you happy with your current dress size?

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