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Feiyan Tea


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  • Best seller!
  • Reduces bloating
  • Suppresses appetite
  • 3 for 2 offer available
  • Most popular Chinese slimming tea in UK
  • Buy for as little as £4.99 per box
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Keto diet friendly
  • No repeat charges or subscriptions
  • Next working day delivery available

Include feiyan tea into your daily diet to detoxify your body and aid weight loss.  Purchase your supplies online at Slimming Solutions today!

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Feiyan Tea

Feiyan tea is the UK’s most popular slimming tea. Containing no caffeine, the 100% natural tea offers rich flavour and huge benefits for drinkers.

Our customers have reported improved metabolism, reduced bloating and reduced food cravings. It can easily be incorporated into your daily diet.

We’ve sold this tea since 2005 with brilliant weight loss results, great customer feedback and super repeat orders. It remains one of our best sellers month on month and right now you can get this tea on a 3 for 2 offer.

Order your feiyan tea online at Slimming Solutions today!

Feiyan Tea – The Benefits

Due to the huge success and demand for Feiyan Tea in the UK, distributors are rushing to import this tea from China. As a result, there are currently around 9 different versions in circulation in the UK market.

Since our customers often ask questions about the different types of tea, we have compiled the following Q&A, which we hope will be of use.

Feiyan Tea Q & A:

Q: Why is it called Fei Yan Tea?

A: The tea is named after the original recipe, which was designed for one of the most famous ancient Chinese beauties named Fei Yan Zhao, who is shown on the picture of the product package. Fei Yan Zhao was a famous ancient Empress renowned for her beauty, grace and slim waist rumoured to be gained from drinking Fei Yan tea daily.

Q: What are the differences between the different versions?

A: There are differences in the names, packaging and ingredients:

FeiYan Tea – (the tea we sell) has one lady on the front of the box.
Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Retinervus Luffae Fructus, Cortex Fraxini, Semen Cassiae, Folium Nelumbinis.

Other versions of Feiyan Tea:

FeiYan Tea – has only one lady on the front of package.
Ingredients: Folium Nelumbini, Folium Gemmae Camelliae Sinensis, Semen Cassiae, Retinervus Luffae Fructus, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride and Semen Coicis.

Feiyan Health Tea – has only one lady on the front of package.
Ingredients: Lotus leaf, hawthorn, cassia tora, pericarpium citri reticulatae viride, towel gourd vegetable sponge and tea.

Feiyan Health Tea – has 1 lady on the front of package.
Ingredients: Green tea, Cassia seeds (Semen Cassiaetorae), Vegetable sponge (Fructus Retinervus Luffae) and Lotus Leaves (Nelumbinis folium).

Feiyan Diet Tea – has 5 ladies on the front of package.
Ingredients: Semen Cassiae, Retinervus Luffae Fructus, Cortex Fraxini, Folium Nelumbinis and GaoShan Tea.

Although the ingredients list on some teas look the same, their taste is not the same.  We’ve tried all versions of the teas over the years and from customer feedback they say our current Feiyan Tea tastes much better than other versions, and meets their weight loss requirements.

Q: Which type is the most effective?

A: It seems that preference varies from person to person and different types work well for different customers. However, we have decided to sell only one type of tea so as to not confuse our customers. They know what they’re ordering and know they will get the same quality product each time they order.

Q: What is the correct way to take Fei Yan Tea?

A: The manufacturer recommends infusing one teabag in freshly boiled water for 5-10 minutes then drink the tea. Each teabag may be used once. Ice cubes may be added to make a refreshing summer drink and the tea may be flavoured with sugar, honey or lemon. The tea is also suitable for drinking after meals.  People using the tea as a weight loss aid rather than just for it’s health benefits can also take the tea once after every meal.

Q: How long will it take for me to start losing weight?

A: The manufacturer states that:  “Taking the slimming tea for a month non-stop can help with weight loss of 2-6 kilograms, taking 2 months in a row have a remarkable effect.  Generally, one period of treatment is 3 months.  After reaching your goals, you can take once every 2 days for maintenance.

Q: How does Fei Yan Tea work?

A: The specially selected ingredients in Feiyan Tea are all natural herbs, which work by increasing metabolism (which in turn burns fat quicker), preventing blood clots and lowering cholesterol.  It can also be used to treat those who wish to decrease their blood fat content and also patients suffering from habitual constipation.  It is also particularly sought after by post-natal period women who aim to recover their figure, as well as patients wishing to get rid of ‘beer bellies’.

Q: What are the precautions?

A: Pregnant women, lactating women and chronic colitis sufferers should not take this tea.

Q: I have got mild diarrhoea after taking Fei Yan Slimming Tea, is this normal?

A: According to the manufacturer, the tea may induce a light degree of diarrhoea in the first week, but this usually stops after that period.  If this doesn’t stop after one week, discontinue use.

Q: How about fake Fei Yan Teas?

A: When something is successful there are always people out there trying to copy it.  We have heard of some fake versions of Feiyan Tea on the market, especially on online auction sites.  They use different ingredients, or even claim use the same ingredient as genuine tea but in fact they are not the same!  We have customers who asked us if we had changed the ingredients because they bought the tea from other sites and the taste are complete different.  The fake tea tastes disgusting, smells like stale tobacco or creosote.  If something can be sold at such a cheap price and sounds too good to be true, then I would question myself!

Q: Which other weight loss teas do you recommend?

A: You may want to consider Pu-erh Tea or Oolong Tea. We have reports of excellent results on both.


Feiyan Tea – How to Prepare

For best results, use one teabag each time you brew a cup of tea.

  1. Put the kettle on…
  2. Steep one tea bag in 170ml of boiling water for approximately 5-10 minutes.
  3. Throw away the tea bag as it can only be used once.
  4. Enjoy your cuppa!

We recommend up to 3 cups daily, 1 cup after each meal.

One Box contains 20 Teabags.

We recommend a minimum of 30 day’s use for optimum health benefits.
See our offers and discover how to buy at as little as £4.99 per box!

This product is not suitable for children, and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Oolong Tea, Retinervus Luffae Fructus, Cortex Fraxini, Semen Cassiae, Folium Nelumbinis.

For new EU regulations only Oolong Tea is stated on the packaging.


Type Slimming Tea
Quantity 20 Tea Bags
Recommended dosage 3 cups per day
Suitable for Vegans
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  1. Jane

    This is just a warning for all the guys and gals out there. When you are new to this tea STAY NEAR A TOILET. Im on my second day, It must work for weight loss because I genuinely believe there is nothing left in my system to come out. At all. The tea tastes great and I’m looking forward to my results! just do not drink this and head out into a public space with no toilets in sight.

  2. Cherelle Johnson (verified owner)

    This tea is great for weight loss. I usually get this tea from my local Chinese herbal shop but I ordered online this time. I wouldn’t say it’s value for money as the teas usually come in a larger box with two in there for the same price.

  3. Swynton. G

    I tell all of my friends about your tea, I should be on commission 🙂 I have been a customer for many years and I use the Feiyan tea as soon as my scales hit 11 stone. I like to stay just under and I find that this tea gets me straight back on track if I have had a bad couple of weeks (meals out, special occasions, holidays etc). Great prices and fast shipping.

  4. $onja


    The quikcest weight loss tea i have ever tried. 24lbs in 30 days and it was easy. I reccomend it – hope I can maintain this, I will try just one cup of feiyan each day.

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