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Your ultimate beach body plan

bikinibodyShape up and get ready to sizzle with this beach body plan.

Dreading the thought of baring your body on the beach? Fear not! The beach body plan is here to help you lose weight!

Follow the diet – and stick to our handy tips – and you’ll be on your way by getting a bikini body to rival Myleene Klass!

Boost the nutrients

Ditch the refined, over processed foods which deplete our bodies of vital nutrients like B vitamins.

White carbs and sugary foods may give you a quick burst of energy but you’ll soon slump – and all you’ll be left with is excess fat.  Instead, fuel up on brown rice and pasta and wholemeal bread.  Prepare as much food as you can from scratch, and include green leafy veggies like kale, cabbage and broccoli in your daily diet to help balance out hormones.  And limit fruit, particularly bananas and grapes, to avoid sugar overload.

Fatten Up

Fats have had a bad rap in recent years, but not all of them should be avoided.  In fact, come help our bodies burn more calories.

Restrict saturated animal fats such as cheese, meat and fried foods but include essential fats from walnuts, seeds and small, lower toxicity, oily fish like sardines.

Control portions

Portion size and the ratio ofdifferent food groups on your plate makes all the difference between taking in calories for day-long energy or storing them as fat.  Each meal should be 50% veg, 25 protein and 25 carbs – adding lean protein to every meal will make you less likely to overeat.

Top tip – allow yourself two ‘treats’ a week such as one alcoholic drink or a couple of pieces of good quality dark chocolate.

Beat the bloat

Adding fibre from wholegrains and veggies to your diet can help prevent constipation, while prebiotics can cut down on excess gas.


When we’re stressed, we release a hormone called cortisol which can affect blood sugar and cause the body to store more fat.  Stimulants like nicotine, caffeine and alcohol and leaving a too long gap between meals can have the same effect, so cut the stimulants and aim to eat every three to four hours.  If you’ve found weight loss difficult, an adrenal stress ad thyroid test can test can tell if your hormones are causing problems.

Drink more H20

Dull skin can our bodies look tired and puffy.  Ditch the sugary fizzy and caffeinated drinks and stick to two litres of water per day, drinking 300-500ml in between meals.  This will also help  to prevent water retention.

Top Tip – At dinner, minimise the starchy carbs and have extra vegetables instead.  If eating late in the evening, cut out the carbs completely.

Typical diet plan – stick to this exclusive plan for four weeks and you could lose up to a stone.  Pick one dish from each list plus two snacks per day.


Porridge with mixed seeds, walnuts and berries (no added sugar)

Oats soaked in soya milk overnight with mixed seeds.  Add pear in the morning.

Rye toast with mashed sardines in tomato sauce or scrambled tofu with cherry tomatoes

2 omega 3 eggs scrambled with tomatoes, baby spinach and black pepper on one slice of rye toast.


Large salad of mixed leaves, beetroot tomato cucumber mange tout artichoke hearts with a protein portion- smoked mackerel or mixed beans and two wholegrain crackers.

Wholemeal wrap with avocado, prawns or marinated tofu.  Have cherry tomatoes and celery as snacking veg.

Vegetable and lentil soup with one slice of rye bread or two crackers.


Pepper or courgette stuffed with quorn mince mushrooms and onions.  Have with a large salad or at least 3 types of steamed veg.

Frittata with vegetables no potatoes) and cannellini beans, large mixed salad or at least 3 types of steamed or lightly stir-fried veg.

White fish kebab with tomato and tamarind marinade, two tablespoons of brown rice and three veg.

Vegetable and prawn, quorn or tofu laksa made with light coconut milk, and a small portion of buckwheat noodles.


A handful of brazil nuts or almonds

Piece of fruit with a tablespoon of mixed seeds

Vegetable sticks (including a variety of veg like avocado and tomato with reduced fat hummus

Higher protein bar such as bounce or pulsin

Higher protein soya crisps such as so crispy or food doctor