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You can eat healthily ‘when stressed’

You can eat healthily 'when stressed'There's no reason to put a stop to your weightloss efforts just because you get stressed.

Slimming World's Jenny Caven noted recently that it often seems easier to grab unhealthy convenience foods and snacks on the go when stressed, rather than cook a healthy meal.

"During times of stress, people are often pushed for time or preoccupied, so it's easy to see why healthy eating can slip down the list of priorities," she said.

Her comments follow research from the University of Texas, published last month, which showed that comfort eating is linked to ghrelin – the so-called 'hunger hormone'.

But Ms Caven advised that it is still is possible to follow a weight loss diet in stressful situations.

People should remove limits and snack on healthy foods like fruit, fat-free yogurts and vegetable crudites.

When it comes to meals, try eating roast dinners and pasta, ensuring you fill up on healthy low-fat meals.

"It is possible to eat to satisfy your appetite and still lose weight," she added.  

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