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Worlds Toughest Workout

worlds toughest workoutThere are a lot of tough workouts around the world, such as The Armageddon Workout Routine and CrossFit’s Filthy Fifty. But a new contender for the ‘Worlds toughest workout‘ has arrived.

Over in New York at a gym/athletic training centre, Alonzo Wilson, the founder of Tone House, has put together a workout routine that even some professional athletes can’t handle. Wilson himself is a former professional athlete and fitness model and has been extremely fit and healthy all of his life.

Tone House gym holds daily classes with Wilson himself teaching most of them. Monday is an lower body/core day, Tuesday is a upper body/core, Wednesday is all core focus and Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are Total Body workouts and conditioning.

Each workout starts and ends the same. The teacher and his assistant get everyone motivated by playing loud music and singing the team chant. This gets everyone in the session “motivated, focused, and pumped up”. After everyone feels ready to start, the warm-up followed by the workout begins. When the workout is completed, the team chant is repeated so that everyone leaves the gym feeling “energized, inspired and accomplished”. That is if you make it to the end of the workout.

Tone Houses workout promises to burn around 1000 calories in the 1 hour session. Melisse Gelula, co-founder of Well+Good said “If you make it through the warm-up, that’s a badge of honour.”

Alonzo Wilson knows that the workout is extremely challenging, and that some of his clients may not be able to complete it, but he believes that most of the time people give up because they think in there heads that they can’t do it, when in reality if they pushed a little further they can accomplish a lot more. “There’s nothing in the class a non-athlete can’t do. A lot of the time its about mind over matter.” Wilson gets a lot of Male and Female clients and thinks that women are more mentally tough than men. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

Currently this extremely challenging workout is only in New York, but could it make an appearance in the UK in the near future? I’d say very possibly due to the amount of people searching for the best way to get fit and burn as many calories as possible.

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