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World’s fattest woman targets weight loss

The fattest woman in the world has launched a weight loss bid so she can undergo a medical scan.

Currently, 50-stone Terri Smith, from Ohio in the US, is too big to fit in an MRI machine despite needing a scan to determine the cause of her frequent headaches, the Sun reported.

Now she is embarking on a diet in a bid lose weight, as she finds it hard to exercise due to being bedridden.

Ms Smith told the newspaper that her weight gain started at an early age and was never considered a problem as her whole family ate high-calorie “soul food”.

“We never watched what we ate at all and we didn’t know what was healthy and what wasn’t,” she said.

However, she is now on a strict diet and will continue to be until she is slim enough to fit in the machine.

Last week, weight loss expert Jenny Caven, a spokeswoman for Slimming World, said that an increase in obesity levels has caused people to underestimate how bad their own weight problems are.

Have you ever set a weight loss target and stuck to it?