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Workout with little effort!

According to Closeronline there are days when It’s cold and rainy outside, and the last thing you’ll feel like doing is hitting the gym. Luckily, we have these 10 ways to burn calories that DON’T involve doing any exercise. Result!

Make a brew
Want to burn off some calories? Making a tea round at work has the same effect as light-weight training. A ten-minute tea round burns about 80 calories.

Go for a drive
It may sound like the lazy option but driving for an hour burns 120 calories!

Sleep it off
Women who sleep five hours a night are 32% more likely to put on weight than those who have seven hours sleep a night. Plus, 30 minutes of sleep will burn 25-30 calories.
What a great excuse for a lie in!

Shiver away
Being stuck in the cold waiting for your bus to arrive might not be such a bad thing. Shivering can burn up to 400 calories an hour.

Gulp on a glass of water
Drinking a glass of ice-cold water burns 8 calories to heat the cold water up to body temperature. Drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day… and that’s 64 calories gone!

Sweat it out
Don’t panic, we don’t mean exercising. A visit to a sauna raises your metabolic rate, burning more calories!

Get lippy
Studies show that kissing can burn up to 100 calories an hour, so pucker up. If you’re feeling energetic, however, having sex for an hour can burn up to a whopping 300 calories.  

Hit the shops
Take a break and give your credit card a workout instead. Shopping can burn off at least 200 calories an hour and carrying heavy bags is a great way to tone up arms as well. Who needs a better excuse to splash the cash?

Get green-fingered
As well as burning off calories and having a toning effect, gardening is a great way of relieving stress. You can expect to burn off around 100 calories raking or weeding for an hour and at least 200 by getting stuck in with your shovel!

Eat more often
No we’re not kidding. Eating more often speeds up your body’s metabolic rate meaning it is able to burn off more calories. Eat five or six small meals throughout the day ensuring you have a hearty but healthy breakfast to kick-start your metabolism.

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