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Work stress ’causes 1 in 3 people to comfort eat’

Work stress 'causes 1 in 3 people to comfort eat'Work stress causes one in three people to comfort eat, a study conducted on behalf of Chef & Brewer has revealed.

Carried out by One Poll, the study of 3,000 people also found that eight out of ten people regularly gorge on sweets or chocolate in a bit to improve their moods.

One in three people cited boredom or relationship problems as other reasons why they turned to comfort food.

Food psychologist Dr Christy Fergusson said that the thought of the cold and dark of the winter leaves many people craving "warm, hearty meals".

''For many of us the types of meals we are drawn to are often those we would have enjoyed together as a family during our childhood," she added.

The study also revealed that 90 per cent of people think that women are much more likely to comfort eat than men.

Last month, Helen Heap, nutritional therapist at the Dr Marilyn Glenville Clinic, said that people who work in jobs that do not require much physical activity should eat a protein-rich diet, as this will help them to avoid gaining weight.

What is your favourite comfort food?