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Women ‘think about dieting more often than relationships’

Women 'think about dieting more often than relationships'Slimming down to fit into skinny jeans and other outfits may be an admirable goal, but women have been urged not to let it take over their lives.

This comes after a new poll by Atkins found that two-thirds of respondents daydream about their diet more often than they think about their partner, while 54 per cent are more likely to be thinking about food than sex.

Meanwhile, a quarter even said they think slimming is more important than their relationship and ten per cent admitted they would not feel as guilty cheating on a partner as they would if they strayed from a diet.

Linda O'Byrne, a nutritionist involved in the study, said being on a diet should never become an obsession.

"Slimmers must focus on eating and drinking healthily, cutting down on sugar and refined carb intake and getting exercise. This, with patience, is the key to weight loss," she commented.

Back in August, wine brand First Cape found that a large proportion of daily gossip among female friends and colleagues is dedicated to diets, dress sizes and meal plans.

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