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Women ‘should try doing weights for slimming’

Women 'should try doing weights for slimming'Women trying to achieve their slimming goals should consider adding weights to their workout regime.

This is the advice of personal trainer Amelia Burton, who said in an interview with the Sydney Morning that building up strength can really streamline the body and provide amazing results in terms of shedding inches.

She explained the results will be particularly visible for those with only a small amount of weight to lose, with more toned arms, a slimmer back and a trimmer waist all key benefits.

Doing this kind of training could also help to prevent brittle bones later in life.

For anyone concerned about beefing up too much, Ms Burton insisted it is not possible for women because they do not have high enough levels of testosterone.

To achieve the best results, women should perform between eight and 12 repetitions of each movement and increase their weights regularly leaving at least a day's break in between each training session, Fitwise.com advises.

Do you swear by weights to get your body looking good?