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Women should consider the four F’s when choosing shapewear!

We all know that selecting body shaping slimming underwear can be a complete nightmare especially when we don’t know what type, fabric or size will best suit us; however what lots of us don’t know is that the secret to choosing the correct shapewear is down to the four F’s – Figure, Fit, Fabric and Function.

Everyone one has figure flaws and best assets. You should choose garments that correct your figure flaws and accentuate your assets.

Always use the size charts and stay true to your size. Sometimes women seeking extra control or added comfort will size up or down and end up sacrificing function and comfort.

Rolling is a sign of poor fit – If your garment is rolling up or down, you’ve likely gone with the wrong size.

You should pay close attention to directions on how to put on a shaper. Especially for mid-thigh shapers, you should place the shaper where you want it to stay on the thigh, and if you put it on correctly, it should stay in place. Also like putting on a bra, lifting and placing yourself into a shaper can help keep you lifted where you need to be.

Certain fabrics like silk or clingy jerseys require garments without seams for an invisible look under clothes. Be sure to consider the fabric of your clothes when shopping for slimming underwear / shapewear. For example, cotton may cling to a hosiery shaper, so you need to opt for a slicker fabric, like a polyester / spandex blend.

What do you want out of your shaper?
If you want a lot of control to slim and size down, do with a high-compression shaper.
If you are looking to firm and smooth, go with a sleek, lighter compression smoother.

Do you have any useful tips for choosing slimming underwear?