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Women ‘can look stylish while losing weight’

Women can still look stylish while exercising to lose weight, a commentator has suggested.

When setting out for a run or other exercise session, slimmers should wear a number of thin layers which can be removed one-by-one as the body temperature begins to increase, journalist Marc Deanie wrote in a piece for the Scottish Sun.

For maximum comfort, fitness clothing should be made of a moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, such as cotton.

A decent sports bra and high-tech footwear should also be invested in, according to Mr Deanie.

“Don’t feel guilty about spending money on trainers – they’re the most important piece of equipment,” he added.

The journalist went on to write that these specialist shoes should be fitted by an expert and should be replaced after 600 miles of use or every 12 to 18 months.

Women looking for an adrenaline-fuelled form of exercise that will help them to achieve their weight loss goals while having fun at the same time may want to give roller derby a go.

Essentially an all-female race on roller-skates, roller derby provides an “intense workout”, the Daily Telegraph claimed recently.

What do you wear when you exercise?