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Woman motivated by bullying at work to lose 6st

A Yorkshire woman embarked on a healthy diet to lose weight after she was taunted by a colleague over her size.

Anne-Marie Marshall weighed around 16 stone when she was called “fat and lazy” at work, the Mirror reports.

The 31-year-old, from Liversedge, West Yorkshire, said this comment gave her the determination to diet.

She explained that she would make sure her two children always ate healthily, but would make a different meal or order a takeaway for her and her husband.

“At night, we’d share a family-size bar of chocolate,” Ms Marshall added.

In the first week of her vegetarian healthy-eating plan she lost an impressive 4lbs, replacing sugary drinks and snacks with fruit, raw vegetables and plain old tap water.

“I never felt hungry so it was easy to stick to,” she told the newspaper.

Having lost 6st 5lbs, Anne-Marie has waved goodbye to her size 20 clothes and now fits comfortably into size eights.

Her typical breakfast now consists of porridge with skimmed milk as opposed to the bacon sandwich that she used to have.

Anne-Marie’s new diet not only helps her to look good, but reduces her risk of developing cancer, heart disease and, according to recent research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, increases her life expectancy.

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