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Woman loses 3st 6lbs in 16 months

A woman has shared her weight loss success story, explaining how she lost 3st and 6lbs in 16 months.

Sonya Moste weighed 13st 8lbs when she reached the age of 40 and found herself struggling to do her size-20 trousers up, she told Shape.

The 43-year-old decided to do something about it as she feared having to shop in speciality shops for her clothes.

She joined a gym and took cardio dance classes four days a week after work, persevering even though she felt “uncoordinated and silly” at first.

Sonya also improved her diet, cutting out fatty meats, processed food and sugar, which increased her weight loss to around 2lbs a week.

Her efforts have also inspired her husband to exercise more and eat better.

“He’s much more conscious of his health now,” she told the magazine.

Supermodel Lisa Snowdon recently told Closer magazine that she had lost weight through cutting out sugary snacks and bacon sandwiches, as well as undergoing a series of colonic irrigations.

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