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Why proteins are important for the human body

Why proteins are important for the human bodyProteins are an extremely important component of the human body, because they are involved in almost all cell functions, from bodily movement and defence against germs, to structural support.

They also aid chemical reactions in the form of enzymes and are the building blocks of muscles, skin and body tissue.

However, unlike fat, the body cannot store protein and so needs quite a large supply of it each day in order to function properly.

High-protein diets are favoured by people who are slimming because it takes twice as much effort to convert protein into energy than it does to transpose carbohydrates or fats, which burns more calories.

Protein also makes people feel more full, so studies have shown they take in up to 200 calories fewer each day, Web MD reports – this could mean four-and-a-half pounds of weight loss in six months.

Meal replacement shakes such as Boot Camp Body could be a good way of getting plenty of protein, with co-founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition calling them “your best alternative” to high-protein foods.

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