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Wholegrains might help you with slimming

Wholegrains might help you with slimming (Photo: Thinkstock)We are often being told about the benefits of wholegrains, but now it appears that they could help you with slimming.

According to a University of Rhode Island study, they encourage people to eat more slowly.

The research looked at a group of fast and slow eaters and how different foods affected the speed at which they consumed each meal.

When participants were given wholewheat toast and wholegrain cereals, they ate them more slowly than was the case with refined grains.

Associate professor of nutrition Kathleen Melanson explained: "Wholegrains are more fibrous, so you have to chew them more, which takes more time."

As the body takes time to process that it is full, this may prevent overeating, she added.

Earlier in 2011, another study from the University of Otago discovered that those who eat very quickly could be more likely to struggle with slimming than people who take their time.

Will you swap to wholegrains now?