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Whole grain foods – Eat more!

How many of you eat enough whole grains everyday?

New studies on whole grain carried out by Newcastle University show that over 80% of the UK fail to eat enough whole grain daily! For wholegrain to have a beneficial effect on our health you have to eat around 3 slices of wholemeal bread, which I think really isn’t very much considering all the positives eating whole grain has for you.

What effects do whole grain foods have on you?

Eating 50g of whole grain a day could reduce the risk of some big chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. High intake of wholemeal is also linked to a lower body weight, BMI & also cholesterol levels. Not only all of this, but eating high amounts of wholegrain usually means you’re eating a healthier all round diet as well.


Due to the results of the studies, the team at Newcastle University , led by Professor Chris Seal, are trying to introduce a recommended daily amount of whole grain into the UK. Denmark & USA have already done this, with the daily average of whole grain people consume a day being 55g in Denmark, as oppose to in the UK where it is just 20g!

What foods can I change in my diet to implement more whole grain?

To add more whole grain into your diet you don’t have to at differently, you can just change little things in your meal such as rice. When you eat rice 90% of the time you’re eating white rice, but switching to brown rice is a lot healthier for you. Same goes with bread, eating whole wheat bread instead of the favoured white bread is a lot healthier! Labels on bread and rice will tell you how much whole grain they contain.

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