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Whole-fat dairy ‘could prevent diabetes’

Those trying to lose weight may well be avoiding whole-fat dairy products, but a recent study has suggested that these foods could help to prevent diabetes.

A study in the December 21st issue of Annals of Internal Medicine reveals that people who eat more whole-fat dairy products have higher blood levels of trans-palmitoleate, which is associated with slightly lower body fat, higher good cholesterol levels and lower triglyceride levels, among other metabolic benefits.

Those with higher blood levels of trans-palmitoleate had a three-fold lower risk of developing diabetes.

The study's authors suggest that more research needs to be completed to assess whether eating more dairy fat to raise trans-palmitoleate levels could prevent diabetes.

Maria Castellina, spokesperson for the charity Ramblers, recently claimed that walking as a form of exercise is a great and easy way to reduce the risk of diabetes.

She said it also strengthens bones, helps to control weight and even helps to elevate a person's mood.

Does whole-fat dairy feature much in your diet?