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Whey protein ‘could help boost weight loss’

Whey protein 'could help boost weight loss'Whey protein is commonly used by those hoping to develop their muscles, but one expert believes it could also help those embarking on a weight loss regime in a bid to shift a few pounds.

Dr David Baer, research leader for the USDA's Agricultural Research Service, recently worked on a study, which found that whey protein supplements – but not soy protein supplementation – alters body weight in overweight and obese adults.

Although the experts aren't sure why whey and not soy has this impact, he explained that they did discover some differences in the ghrelin concentration, which could mean than whey protein has a different effect than soy on hunger.

"There is some evidence from other studies that branch chain amino acids, like leucine, may have metabolic effects that could result in weight loss and whey has a relatively large proportion of the branch chain amino acids," he said.

Recently, Dr Sarah Brewer, nutritionist, author and founder of Natural Health Guru, suggested that a protein-based diet could be the key to fitting into those skinny jeans.

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