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What to eat at the Weekend!

We know the situation, you’ve been sticking to your healthy eating program all week but then keeping it up at the weekend can seem like a never ending task.

However, recent research proves that those people who take the weekend off and lose control of thier eating, lose weight more slowly than those who are “good” all weekend.

Here are my tasty meal ideas to keep you on the losing side all weekend!

Breakfast In Bed

1 reduced-fat croissant with 1tsp of jam and 1 small glass of unsweetened orange juice – 270 calories

1 bowl of Special K with Skimmed Milk and 1 cup of black coffee – 200 calories

1 medium sized Blueberry Muffin and 1 glass of fresh orange juice – 464 calories

Lovely Lunches

Firey Cajun Chicken Pasta and 1 glass of wine – 1920 calories

1 Slice of Hawaiian Pizza from Pizza Hut and a Small Pepsi – 362 calories

Tuna Salad – 383 calories

Delicious Dinners

Small Grilled Steak with homemade wedges and green vegetables – around 500 calories

Prawn Curry with Egg Fried Rice – around 728 calories

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Boiled Noodles – around 727 calories

A typical serving of Fish and Chips – around 600 calories

Super Snacks

1 Wispa Bar – 210 calories

1 Chocolate Mini Roll – around 120 calories

Bourbon Biscuit – 63 calories

1 Bottle of Coca Cola – 131 calories

Cheeky Cocktails

Margarita – 145 calories

Long Island Iced Tea – 275 calories

Tequila Sunrise – 165 calories

Bloody Mary – 90 calories