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What does your body fat say about you?

No woman’s body shape is identical and while you might despair at your ability to only gain and lose weight on your bum and boobs the chances are that your friend would gladly trade in her muffin top or back far for a wobbly backside and heaving bosoms.

Fat is produced when the diet provides the body with more calories than it needs for general maintenance and its current level of physical activity.

Where we store fat and our body shape is generally a result of our genes, however sometimes stubborn pockets of fat can be due to an underlying health issue.

For long term weight loss you need to reduce your intake by approximately 4000 calories to lose just one pound of fat.

You don’t need to look any further to find out what your body fat says about you…

Problem Area – Stomach
Do you feel that you always end up with a bit of a pot belly after a particularly unhealthy week? This could most certainly be down to your stressful lifestyle. Our bodies produce a lot of the hormone cortisol when we are stressed which then causes the body to store fat and if you couple that reaction with too much comfort eating and you’ve got a recipe for fast weight gain. Why not try meditation exercises like yoga, as this will help your body relax and deal with stress in healthier ways. When you feel things are spiralling out of control at work, take a five minute break which will help you gain some perspective and stop you heading to the vending machine.

Problem Area – Knees and calves
Chunky knees and unsightly ‘cankles’ are not only bad news for your wardrobe, they’re also a key indicator that you don’t have enough growth hormone and that you are not getting enough sleep. Water retention is also another reason for puffy legs, so drink plenty and cut down on wheat to beat the bloat. If you’re finding it hard to switch off, drink some herbal tea and you should also try getting a couple of early nights every week.

Problem Area – Hips and back
There’s nothing worse than seeing bulges of fat poking out beneath a too tight bra strap, however cutting out carbohydrates could be the answer rather than forking out a fortune on new lingerie.  Fat build-up in these areas is a sign that you are producing too much insulin and is also a warning sign of diabetes. Cut out sugar and switch to low-GI carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread and pasta to lose weight in these areas.

Problem Area – Thighs, chest and upper arms  
Wobbly thighs, bigger boobs and bingo wings are all signs that you are producing too much oestrogen. This can come from the type of contraceptive pill you are taking some chemicals in plastics which mimic oestrogen causing fat built up. If you’re always refilling your plastic bottle of water, switch to a glass one and also speak to your doctor about switching pills.

Problem Area – Sides
Hate those spongy bits when your ribs finish?  Thyroid hormones can cause fat to gather in this area and can be caused by heavy metal poisoning from tap water, metal fillings and fluorides in toothpaste. Make sure you are consuming plenty of fibre and flaxseed to ensure you’re getting rid of metals from your body, also invest in a water filter and keep it topped up in the fridge.

Are you happy with your body shape?