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What Are The Best Breast Enlargement Pills?

original_up-a-cupWhat are the best breast enlargement pills?

When it comes to our bodies, women come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us are pear shaped, while others have the coveted hourglass figure. Some have big bums, flat bellies, big boobs – or any combination of those things.

Sometimes, we find ourselves wanting the assets we weren’t lucky enough to get. All bodies are beautiful, but if you’ve ever found yourself collecting a haul of padded bras or browsing cosmetic surgery clinics, you might be pleased to discover breast enlargement pills.

What are breast enlargement pills?

Breast enlargement pills are herbal remedies that combine a number of botanical elements to help stimulate the glandular tissue in the breast receptor area. These botanical elements closely mimic oestrogen, the female sex hormone, causing your breasts to react as though you’re in puberty or pregnant.

Are they safe?

Breast enlargement pills use a herbal remedy that contains phytoestrogen (plant oestrogen) to help aid breast growth. If you find any that use human hormones, do not take them. However, even the herbal options should not be used in conjunction with the mini contraceptive pill or by breast cancer patients, as the long-term effects of herbal remedies are not certain.

Also, they shouldn’t be combined with blood-thinning medication such as warfarin, as the herbal interaction can cause issues.

Do they work?

While there are no proven studies to suggest their effectiveness, the results of a recent survey reported that 84% of women using Up A Cup breast enlargement pills saw positive results in as little as 30 days. Most reviews report positive results. The pills aren’t a miracle cure; you won’t wake up with DD’s overnight – but for fuller, larger breasts they might be the perfect alternative to pricey surgery.

What are the best breast enlargement pills?

So – you want larger breasts without the cost or surgery? It’s time to pick out a good pill that contains all the necessary herbs without adding any harmful chemicals. For natural breast enlargement, Up A Cup pills from Slimming Solutions are a great choice.

Taken 3 times daily, they come in 1 month and 3 month supplies and aim to either increase the firmness and lift of your breasts in a single month or provide an increase between half a cup to a full cup across three months.

Ultimately, there’s no miracle cure to getting bigger breasts but for women struggling with their body image, these pills are a natural remedy that can help.