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Weight training isnt just for Men


Yep you heard right… weight training for women?

Treadmills and aerobics classes are typical of a womans exercise regime, however more and more of us are taking advantage of the fat-loss results weight training can bring!

A huge number of women are misinformed by ridiculous rumours about training with weights. Weightlifting makes women bigger, puts them at risk of injury and makes them look less feminine, so we are told.

Well thats just nonsense!

There many benefits to weight training, one being: Burning 500 calories a day!

Here is the science… As we get older we lose around 10% of our lean muscle every 10 years. The problem here is that each pound of muscle burns around 50 calories per day.

Therefore, increasing your lean muscle mass by around 10 pounds means you can times this 10 pounds of muscle by 50 calories a day – thats 500 calories blasted away each day!

So by increasing your lean muscle mass by 10 pounds you essentially increase your metabolic rate by 500 calories a day.  Over a week this adds up to 3500 calories which equates to 1 pound of fat.  So effectively you will burn one pound of fat a week doing absolutely nothing!

Sounds too good to be true, but this really does work!

You really don’t have to worry about building a ghastly masculine figure. The female body simply can’t produce enough testosterone to build any serious muscle mass, instead your muscle will increase in density.

You will have more muscle fibres per muscle group and these newly built mass fibres consume those extra calories.

Get started with weight training!

The four key exercises you should start with are:

– The four squat

– The standing military press

– Lunges

– Upright rows

It is important to give your body (especially your muscles) a chance to repair.  For this reason weightlifting should be done at least twice a week, and rarely should it be done on consecutive days if possible. In terms of weight, repetitions and sets, consider doing 2-3 sets, with 8-12 repetitions each.

Why not give weight training a go and reap the benefits?

Why not combine weight training with exercise at home  for a fun, fat burning cardio workout!