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Weight training ‘is important for fat loss’

Weight training 'is important for fat loss'Those trying to lose weight should make sure they are aware of the importance of resistance training, one commentator has suggested.

Richard Geres, writing in a piece for the Malta Independent, claimed that weight training plays a "huge role" when it comes to shedding fat.

He claimed that the more muscle somebody has, the more fat or energy is burned, so people should work on building their muscle mass through weight training.

"A higher amount of muscle mass will effectively burn more energy, thus raising the body's metabolic rate, even when you're asleep," Mr Geres clarified.

He went on to say that people who hope to achieve a slim and toned body need to team their cardiovascular fat burning exercises with weight training so that their slimmer bodies look nicely defined.

Earlier in the year, thisisthewestcountry.co.uk reported that 45-year-old Paul Palmer from Ilminster had lost 6st through doing regular weight training and cardiovascular exercise sessions.

Do you do any weight training at the gym?