weight loss Mantras, free diet plan

Weight Loss Mantras, Your Simple, Free Diet Plan

A mantra is a word or sentence that is continually repeated in order to remain focused and achieve a goal. This powerful tool has been used to reach all types of great heights. Why not try our weight loss mantras when you’re feeling a bit lower than usual?

Many people have successfully used Mantras in order to lose vast amounts of weight and to feel vibrantly well! This is part of a simple, effective and free diet plan.

Mantras break up unhealthy or negative patterns that are stored in the mind and body. They help us create new, positive ways of thinking that can have amazing results both physically and emotionally.

Here is your Slimming Solutions easy, free diet plan. We’ve identified 7 of the most radical and potent mantras for shedding the extra pounds and creating optimum health. You can choose the one that suits you or you can use all of them together for a full blast of positive energy.

“I CAN lose weight

Believe it or not, no matter how insanely you might consciously want to lose weight; your subconscious mind might have some other plans. There are many reasons why the subconscious mind might want to hang onto those extra pounds. Maybe you’ve felt uncomfortable with lots of male attention in the past and view this as a way to keep men at bay. Maybe you know that weight loss means changing all sorts of patterns in your life, and you feel scared.
Whatever the reason, say this one when there is a conflict inside of you that keeps you from you potential.

“I deserve to stick to my diet

Repeat this one when your self esteem is running a little low.

Sometimes people sabotage their weight loss and diet dreams because somewhere inside they don’t really believe they deserve to be healthy and beautiful. The fact is, all of us are beautiful, and we all deserve to feel gorgeous and do the things that are going to make us more confident to show off our beauty. If you really feel that you deserve the physical and emotional wellbeing that is going to manifest when you stick to your diet…you will do it!

“I am confident that I can lose weight and feel spectacular

This mantra needs to be repeated when there is a little voice inside that doesn’t really believe it is possible to achieve your dreams. Maybe your parents are overweight, or maybe you have felt fat for as long as you can remember. Maybe the weight is coming off slowly and you have become disheartened. Use this one to keep motivated and inspired…you will loose that weight and feel spectacular!

“Nothing tastes as good as slim feels

Now here is a good one for those of you that are constantly battling that sizable snack, that delectable dessert, or those evil eateries. Always remember that absolutely nothing tastes good enough to sacrifice a healthy body that is at its optimum weight.

“For your life, for your weight, take control of your plate

Those of you that need some empowerment will find this one useful.

Being in control of what you put into your body and therefore your health is a good step towards being in control over your whole life. There is a lot of evidence out there to suggest that the happiest people on the planet are those who feel in control and empowered. This is not just about losing weight, this is about total wellbeing!

“I can easily and happily achieve my goals

Putting yourself down and obsessing over food and slimming is a sure way to keep the pounds on. View your diet as a positive journey. Eating healthy and exercising is a completely natural part of this – Have fun, knowing that you are making positive changes that are going to touch every aspect of your life.

“One day at a time, I’m feeling and looking fine

People want instant results. Achieving your goals can take time; just thank yourself for doing your best today. If you slip up and eat a load of rubbish one day, just pick yourself back up and start over the next. Focus on and appreciate the here and now