How to lose weight in Autumn

Weight Loss in Autumn

weight loss tips for autumn
Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat! And maybe he is not the only one! We know, that before we know it we will be headed for a season of parties, chocolates, cocktails and general over indulgence. So why not use this Autumn as the season to shape up? Prepare your body for the winter months ahead with our ideas for an Autumn Shape Up Diet.

• The cold weather makes it the ideal time to sart cooking for your Autumn diet plan. use seasonal vegetables to create big pots of warming soups and stews, which are not only low in fat but are also cheap and hassle free.

• If breakfast has never been a priority, change that now by making it part of your Autumn shape up diet. Short winter days can make us sluggish and we need that extra energy boost to set us up for the day. Porridge oats are perfect for releasing energy throughout your morning and can be mixed with water or skimmed milk. Fruit can be added as a natural sweetener.

• Weight loss in Autumn needn’t mean you have to deny yourself a comforting sweet treat. Autumnal apples and pears can be baked in the oven, sweetened with orange juice and cinnamon and served with a small amount of low fat custard.
Tip:Save some as a topping for tomorrows breakfast porridge!

• This season provides us with some of the best foods for us in terms of nutrients. For example, Sprouts, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and squash are all high in dietary fibre. Having an Autumn diet that is made up of seasonal food is good because it means it is fresh and less likely to have been exposed to toxins such as preservatives, which can effect your digestion and weight loss.

• Snacks can also be a part of your Autumn diet, just be sure to keep fresh, seasonal foods handy when you are peckish. Cherry Tomatoes are at their best in Autumn as well as berries and apples for example.

• Make the most of the bracing, crisp autumn air. Take your exercise outside with long walks or bicycle rides. Change your routine to keep your body on its toes and to keep it interesting. Also try to do your exercise in the morning to start your day. If you wait until evening it will be dark and your motivation will be gone.

• Cosy up when the nights are drawing in. But instead of a hot chocolate have a nice warming herbal tea. There are lots to choose from and many have proven dietary benefits and can help to cleanse out your system and boost that sluggish winter metabolism.

• Combine snacks with exercise. Gather up the kids and plan a fruit picking day at the weekend.

• Introduce some heat generating foods into your diet in these cold months. Use spices such as Cayenne or chillies to help keep your circulation moving.

• And finally….to get you started here is a quick and easy recipe for a healthy, low fat seasonal soup; Peel & chop; 5 medium parsnips, 5 medium carrots, 2 medium onions, 1 medium sweet potato and 2 celery stalks. Put all of these into a large cooking pot and add 2 bay leaves and enough vegetable/chicken stock to cover. Bring it to the boil then reduce the heat and simmer with a lid on for 30 minutes or until the veg is tender. Remove the bay leaves, add some semi skimmed milk and blend until smooth. Simple!