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Weight loss diets ‘go out the window when stressed’

Weight loss diets 'go out the window when stressed' (Liquid Library)When under a high level of stress, many workers in the UK look to forget their weight loss schemes and opt for junk food.

This is according to a new survey conducted by Fruitdrop, which stated that 80% of British employees will choose unhealthy options over weight-friendly alternatives when feeling the strain.

The office fruit delivery company also highlighted that just 7% of Brits will bite into some fruit in order to overcome their moments of stress.

Instead, 65% of respondents to the survey will opt for sweet treats, though 53% of women prefer the taste of chocolate when they are down.

To help ease the temptation, Ben Thompson, managing director of Fruitdrop, advised: “Employers can help their workforce to stay healthy with a weekly fruit box delivery, having fresh fruit to hand in the office means a healthy choice is an easy choice on a busy day.”

Recent research published in the journal Psychological Science disclosed that people who are hungry are more likely to identify words and phrases associated with food than those on a full stomach.