Weight loss 'allows people to wear more fashionable clothes' - Slimming Solutions

Weight loss ‘allows people to wear more fashionable clothes’

People who lose weight are able to wear more fashionable clothes, according to menswear expert David Waters.

Mr Waters claimed that men have always been as conscious about their weight as women but that they are less forthcoming when it comes to admitting it.

“If you do lose a few pounds or you do look a bit slimmer, it probably gives you more confidence. You can wear slightly more fashionable clothes, you are probably more attractive to women and it’s a win-win really,” he added.

His comments follow the recent publication of research by Marks & Spencer (M&S), which found that two in five men would never drink alcohol again if it meant they could fit back into a smaller jeans size.

One in ten of those quizzed said they would even give up sex completely if it guaranteed they would lose a few pounds.

M&S recently launched a range of body control t-shirts and vests called Bodymax Plus which, similar to Spanx, are body shaping and designed to create a more streamlined silhouette.