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‘Weekends off diet’ proven successful

'Weekends off diet' proven successfulA diet that involves eating healthily for five days a week and then succumbing to some cravings at the weekend has been proven to be successful in helping people to lose weight and keep it off.

Researchers conducted a clinical trial and found that the Weight to Go ‘weekends off diet’ can result in weight loss of 2lbs a week.

“Experience suggests that for any weight loss programme, boredom and craving for what is perceived to be ‘normal’ food becomes a significant obstacle to compliance, even over relatively short periods,” said Dr David Ashton, medical director of Weight to Go.

He went on to say that the results of the recent study establish that the reason Weight to Go nutritional products are effective in reducing body weight is because they are delivered as part of a five-day per week, low-calorie, portion controlled diet programme.

Those looking for a diet pill to speed up their weight loss may wish to try Zotrim, which was proven in a clinical trial conducted by the University of Liverpool to reduce caloric intake by around 17.6 per cent over a meal time.

Have you considered the ‘weekends off diet’?