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Water Pills And Weight Loss

Fat woman trying to put on her tight jeansWater Pills And Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight or improve your body, fluid retention can be your enemy. Anyone who is exercising more often will find themselves drinking a lot more water to avoid dehydration – but with an increase in water consumption comes the risk of retention. For women on their periods, water retention can add pounds to your frame.

What causes water retention?

Retention can be caused by a number of aspects such as drinking too much tea or coffee, consuming too much salt or a lack of exercise. Conversely, not consuming enough water can also cause retention as your body tries to hold on to as much as it can.

What are water pills?

Water pills help you flush out your system, as they are natural diuretics that relieve fluid retention. They can help you when you’re showing symptoms of holding water, such as uncomfortable bloating, puffy eyes and heavy legs.

Do they help with weight loss?

Water pills help you lose temporary water weight, so they’re useful to take ahead of an event or photoshoot or any other occasion when you’d like to appear slimmer. During your period, they’re useful for keeping your bloating down and helping you feel more like yourself.

Do they have any risks?

If you stick to natural water pills such as our HRI Water Balance tablets, you should safely see your weight dropping due to water loss. However, some tablets contain harmful chemicals and should be avoided. As always, stick to the dosage limits outlined to avoid any headaches.

Ultimately, water pills help weight loss across shorter periods. As long as you understand how they work, they’re perfect for getting rid of bloating or excess water retention.