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Wardrobe Slimming Tricks

Don’t know how to make the most of  looking fabulously slender with the clothing in your wardrobe?

Now you can with these fantastic yet simple wardrobe tricks as published on divavillage.co.uk.  Why not give them a go and look  a staggering 5 to 10 pounds slimmer instantly…

1. Try a Bootcut Style
One of the current trends may be skinny jeans, however if this style is not for you, why not try bootcut jeans? You will find that they looking flattering on the majority of body shapes and the back pockets make your bum look irresistible giving it a subtle lift.

2. Create Shape with Flowy Dresses & Cardigans
For the warmer months, you will find that a flowy dress with a loose cardigan is the perfect ensemble. The dress will float over your curves instead of clinging and the loose cardigan will cover your arms and frame your silhouette. Why not dress your outfit up with a belt giving your body a curvaceous shape.

3. Accentuate your Middle
Drawing attention to your waistline instantly creates a feminine silhouette. Therefore an outfit is not complete until it’s belted. Belts instantly create shape by defining the waist. Try a brown or beige belt; it will match almost anything in your wardrobe. In addition to the belt, the staple top that every girl must own is the wrap top. The wrap waist accentuates the middle and can also be layered over a slimming cami.

4. Smaller isn’t Slimming
Don’t wear a size smaller just because it makes you feel better or  a size bigger because you don’t want to show your figure. If the clothes are too big, the perceived boundaries of your figure will be extended to the edges of the garment; if the clothing is too small, the fabric will bunch and draw attention to bulges.

5. Wear Slimming Underwear
Nobody has to know what’s underneath; if you would like some added oomph, we recommend wearing waist shapers, bodysuits and control pants, such as celeb favourite Spanx Shapewear. Spanx have has singlehandedly revolutionised ‘the belly bulge’ and are the most popular and most effective slimming underwear around! Choose bras and underwear with nonbinding bands to avoid unwanted rolls. Also, don’t buy one to wear with everything. You need various styles for different outfits.

6. Maintain Balance & Proportion
If you are wearing something tight on your bottom half (like leggings or skinny jeans), then you outfit would look fabulous pairing it with a loose-fitting top. If you are wearing something form-fitting on top, pair it with something that has some volume on the bottom. Wide leg trousers or bootcut jeans are great examples. It’s as simple as that!

7. Hide Bulges with Oversized Cardigans & Skinny Pants
Another cardigan option that slims is an oversized lightweight cardigan worn with skinny pants and heels. The skinny pants emphasize your slim lower legs, while the heels (preferably in the same colour) not only give you glamorous height, but also elongate your legs. Again, the cardigan does not add bulk and skims your sides to hide any bulges you may have.

8. Lengthen your Body with a Monochromatic Palette
An outfit consisting of monochromatic colours instantly streamlines your shape and effortlessly lengthens the body. The colours do not have to be the exact same, as long as they are in the same colour family. For instance; shades of white and cream keep the effect airy and light, while black and grey hues create a great night-out outfit.

9. Trim your Figure with Layers
A calculated combination of layers trims the figure.  Why not try a cropped jacket over a baby doll top, paired with slouchy pants and wedges. The top covers up the tummy while the cropped jacket defines the waist and slims the upper arms. The dramatic length of the slouchy pants automatically makes legs look extra long, especially with the added height from the wedges. This makes a great outfit when there is a little sun out!

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