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Walking is ‘great exercise’ for older women

Walking has been recommended as a particularly effective way for women to lose weight, because the intensity can be varied depending on fitness levels.

Speaking to the Montreal Gazette, women’s exercise expert and director of the John Hancock Research Center on Physical Activity Miriam Nelson explained that walking is particularly good for older women.

Her comments follow research published in the Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association earlier this month, suggesting that walking more than two hours per week can help women to reduce their risk of stroke.

The study indicated that walking can lower the risk of total, clot-related and bleeding strokes.

Ms Nelson told the newspaper: “You should feel that your heart rate is elevated. But it is not so intense that you are sweating a lot, unless, of course, it is hot outside.

“And remember that exercise intensity is relative. A brisk walk for one lady may be a stroll for another.”