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Walking ‘is an easy way to lose weight’

Walking 'is an easy way to lose weight'People who want to lose weight should take up walking, as it not only burns calories but helps to improve health in many other ways.

This is according to Maria Castellina, spokesperson for the charity Ramblers, who claims that people of any age, sex, shape and size can take up walking and will notice the benefits.

"It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, strengthens bones, helps to control weight and even helps to elevate your mood," she explained.

Her comments follow the announcement of plans by the government to reward children for walking to school by giving them Topshop vouchers and cinema tickets.

Speaking about the scheme, Ms Castellina said that Ramblers is pleased that the government is taking steps to encourage people to walk more.

However, she said that she is interested to see if the project brings about long-term changes to the amount of time that people spend being physically active.

If you don't like exercising at the gym, why not try walking more instead?