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Waist trainer – 6 simple exercises

Looking for effective waist training exercises that you can do whilst wearing your waist trainer? We’ve put together 6 exercises that you can do at home!

Repeat all of these exercises 8 times. If you feel confident you can do more, you can do 10 reps instead.

Ab prep – Lie down on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Inhale, and tuck your chin into your chest, then exhale and slowly lift your head, neck and shoulders off the floor whilst you reach towards your feet with your arms. Hold the position and breathe in. Finally, slowly return back to the starting position and repeat this 8 times.

Roll up – Lie flat on the floor with your arms stretched out behind your head. Then bend forward and touch your toes, hold that position for a second or two, then return to lying flat on your back. Repeat this exercise 8 times.

Leg drop – Lie on your back with your arms by your side. Raise your legs towards the ceiling, then breathe in and tighten up your abs. Whilst exhaling, lower your legs until they are about 4 inches off the floor. Then stop, and breathe in. As you return your legs to the ceiling, make sure you exhale. Repeat this 8 times.

Scissors – Lie on your back with your feet raised towards the ceiling, and then slowly lower one leg so it’s about 6 inches off the floor. Once your legs are in position, lift your head and shoulders off the floor and grab the back of your leg, gently pull it towards you. Switch legs and repeat this 8 times.

Hip lift – Raise both your legs towards the ceiling, and put your arms down by your sides, with your palms down. Inhale and tighten your core. Whilst exhaling, curl your hips towards your ribs. Lift your hips off the floor reach your feet straight up. Breathe in as you slowly lower. Repeat this 8 times.

Torso twist – Sit with your legs crossed and stretch and arms stretched out in front of you, fingertips touching. Inhale. Tighten your abs and make sure your hips are square. Slowly rotate your upper body 45 degrees to the right, exhale as you’re doing this. Then return to the centre position and rotate the left. Repeat this 8 times.

If you’re looking for even better results try using the Esbelt waist training corset. It will improve your posture, firm up your stomach, love handles and midriff and help with lower back pain (if applicable) all of this and it’s still amazingly comfortable! We recommend you use the waist trainer for 8-10 hours per day, and when you shape your waist around the trainer, try moving down a size!

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