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Visualising a slimmer body ‘will motivate weight loss’

Those wanting to lose weight but who are lacking the motivation to do so should visualise how they want their bodies to look.

This is according to Closer magazine, which is helping women to slim down in time for their summer holidays.

“Put a picture on your fridge as a reminder and really concentrate on the image when you grit your teeth and persevere with the exercise. You WILL see results,” it claims.

This picture could be of a healthy, slim celeb or a photo of the dieter themselves before they gained weight.

Another way the magazine suggests women can become motivated to lose weight is to measure the girth of their thighs with a tape measure once a week and track their progress.

All the effort of exercise and healthy eating may not be obvious to the naked eye straight away but keeping measurements will prove that it is making a difference.

Earlier this month, Janey Kirk from Glasgow told the Daily Mirror that eating more healthily helped her to lose weight but also made her skin clearer and gave her more energy.

Which celeb would you like to look like?