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Shed pounds with virtual reality.

shed poundsChances are if you’re trying to  shed pounds, you’ll know that there’s an abundance of modern-day diets to choose from. Whether it’s the caveman, Atkins, bulletproof coffee, 3 day diet or a packaged plan like WW or SW, the weight loss industry has expanded more than our waistlines over the past few decades and it continues to grow year on year.


Not surprisingly the tech industry is now a big player the weight loss game.  Everything from wearables, fitness apps and even food-sensing plates now play a big role in helping us to shed pounds and/or become generally healthier in ourselves, and virtual reality will, at some point in the future also be on the menu of options for weight loss.


How could VR help you lose weight? Well imagine if you could virtually taste rather than just seeing it? Recent research shows that its technology can be used to create the physical sensation of eating food.


We prefer a more ‘conventional’ way to shed pounds


How exactly? Well, techniques vary, but early efforts have included manipulating temperature on the tip of someone’s tongue to create a “sweet taste” and the use of electrical currents to not only create different taste sensations in a person’s mouth, but to also simulate different food textures.


We’ve done a bit of head scratching on the idea ourselves and if we’re honest, it wouldn’t be for us. Eating is one of life’s great pleasures, it helps us to socialise and generally makes us feel happy. No amount of super tech could ever replace that.


Bit odd don’t you agree? or would you give this a go?


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