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Video ‘helps people consider weight loss surgery pros and cons’

A video has been found to help obese people make informed decisions about weight loss surgery in a clinical trial.

The randomised control trial was conducted by the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle.

It involved 152 patients, half of whom received an educational booklet on weight loss surgery, which is also known as bariatric surgery, and half watched a video on the topic.

After three months, those who watched the video knew more about the pros and cons of the surgery than those who received the booklet.

“We think a video like this one can play a key role as people talk with their primary care doctors or specialists, consider pros and cons, and decide whether or not to have bariatric surgery,” said Dr David Arterburn, an associate investigator at the Group Health Research Institute.

According to the NHS, weight loss surgery should only be offered to those with a body mass index of more than 40.

So those who have a lower BMI than this should try other ways of shedding pounds, such as diet pills and exercise.

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