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Vibration plates ‘help women get beach-ready’

Ladies hoping to tone-up before heading on holiday and hitting the beach should try using a vibration plate, Women’s Fitness has claimed.

Joanna Knight, editor at the magazine, said that if women have four weeks before they are due to go away, this is plenty of time to tone-up.

She advised doing three or four cardio sessions a week, incorporating interval and weight and resistance training as well.

“A speedy way to a beach body is vibration plate training too, three or four 25-minute sessions a week will tone you up in no time!” she added.

According to Vogue magazine, one of this summer’s must-have items is at least one pair of thigh-high, knicker-skimming mini shorts.

Ms Knight said that for women to ensure they have “to-die-for pins”, they should exercise using a treadmill and cross trainer as these are great for sculpting leg muscles as well as burning fat.

Regular sets of squats and lunges are also good for toning the calves and quads.

How are you preparing four your summer get-away?