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Try a veggie diet

Have you ever considered ditching meat in favour of a tasty veggie diet? It’s not all lettuce leaves and carrot sticks you know!

A Vegetarian Diet

From tasty morsels for sharing at barbecues and picnics, through to every day meals for friends and families, or cheap meals under a fiver – vegetarian food has something for everyone! In the meantime, brush up on your nutrient know-how with myth busting facts about a balanced vegetarian diet


  • Research has shown that vegetarians are no more prone to iron-deficiency than meat-eaters.
  • Even those who dont eat meat get a whopping 86% of their iron from vegetarian sources.
  • Iron is found in leafy green vegetables, pulses, wholemeal bread, dried fruit and pumpkin seeds.

Muscle building protein

  • We need eight different types of amino acid – the building blocks of protein. Most veggie sources don’t include all eight but don’t worry – your body keeps a pool of the amino acids it needs. So just eat a variety of different high protein food throughout the week.
  • Good protein sources are pulses (beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas), nuts, seeds, grains, dairy products and eggs.


  • Find Vitamin A in carrots and spinach, peppers, watercress, and apricots.
  • Find Vitamin B12 in eggs, dairy products and fortified plant foods, breakfast cereals, and herbal soft drinks.
  • Catch up with your Vitamin D intake in dairy products. It’s also produced by the action of sunlight on the skin!

Freshen up your ingredients

Liven up your dishes and try out some different ingredients!

Aacado and Artichokes – dive into new fruit and veg! Avacado is great mashed with chips, used in veggie sushi or made into guacamole. Artichokes are fabulous on pizzas, in risottos and tossed into salads! There’s no end of possibilites.

Tofu: As well as having a high protein content, tofu also contains calcium, iron and vitamins B1, B2 and B3. Tofu can be marinated, stir-fried, deep-fried, sauteed, cubed and oven roasted with herbs. Once cooked and flavoured it can be added to salads or casseroles.

Spinach: Fresh, tinned or frozen it’s all good stuff. A good source of iron. Throw it into curries, salads or pasta dishes.

Lentils: A cheap tasty ingredient, ignore the past jibes lentils have suffered and used in dhal, put lentils in salads, green lentils in lasagna and soups.

Veggie Mince: Veggie alternatives to mince, sausages and burgers are well established in the market place, and are usually made from tofu, soya, pea or wheat protein  or mycoprotein. Use in a traditional shepherds pie, chilli or BBQ.

Chick peas: Tinned varieties are convenient and quick. They soak up herbs and spices beautifully – making a speedy nutritious curry or main ingredient in houmous with lemon and garlic.

Herbs and Spices: Stock up your cupboard with lovely herbs and spices – cumin, pepper, coriander, cinnamon, paprika, basil and sage will all add another dimension to your cooking!