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Tricia Penrose reveals weight loss secrets

Tricia Penrose has lost one-and-a-half stone having followed an exercise regime and a healthy eating plan.

The ex-Heartbeat actress was motivated to lose weight when her son asked if she was pregnant, Closer magazine reported.

Last year, she dropped to a size ten but her weight then crept back up to 11st 1lb over eight months.

Realising it was time to make a change, Tricia made a number of healthy changes to her daily diet, swapping foods such as sandwiches, crisps and chocolate for pitta bread, lean meats and vegetables.

She explained to the magazine some of the exercises that she used to tone her body so she could fit back into her size ten clothes.

The actress recommended the Plank, tricep curls and lunges, which she said were “hard, but they work the muscles in your thighs really well. I do two sets of 15”.

Jennifer Lopez recently told Us magazine that she wanted to lose her post-baby weight because she wanted her children to see her in the shape that she became famous for.

What clothes size would you like to be able to fit into?