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Trendy diets ‘not the solution’ to losing weight

Trendy diets 'not the solution' to losing weightPeople aiming to lose weight and keep it off have been advised to steer clear of trendy diets promoted by celebrities and instead formulate their own plan.

Speaking to Web MD, Dr Scott Kahan, the director of the National Center for Weight and Wellness in Washington, DC, said that fad diets are a short-term stopgap at best and will not help people to keep weight off permanently.

Instead, the best way is to see what the body responds best to and to follow this regimen, as different people suit different plans.

"Some people do well with low-fat diets because it includes the foods that they love and are satisfying. For other people, a low-carb plan may work better. It has to be individualised or it is just not going to be sustainable," Dr Kahan told the website.

It comes after recent research carried out by bread maker Warburtons found out that women are likely to have tried around 61 different diets by the time they reach the age of 45 in a bid to lose weight.

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