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Treat varicose veins in 5 easy steps

Painful Varicose VeinsVaricose veins are a common problem that affects both men and women of all ages. These purple lines usually appear on the thighs and calves, but they can develop anywhere. They can be large in size and look like blue, red, or flesh-colored cords.  You may not be able to get rid of this problem completely, but there are steps you can take to improve the appearance of varicose veins.


Keep the Blood Flowing

Venous problems are often caused as a result of poor circulation.  Regular exercise, daily walks, and massage can all help to improve circulation and keep your blood flowing.  Avoid prolonged sitting and stay active throughout the day to minimize the appearance of varicose veins.


Varicose veins effect around 60 percent of the adult population.


Lose a few pounds

If you’re overweight or obese, the extra weight puts pressure on your legs and promotes the formation varicose veins.  Even the slightest weight loss can improve the appearance of your skin and boost your health.


Invest in some compression stockings

Compression stockings are the most popular treatment option for venous disorders.  These accessories improve blood circulation, squeeze your ankles, and compress enlarged veins. They also help reduce swelling, discomfort, and aching.  Most chemists and supermarkets sell compression stockings in different sizes, so make sure you get a pair!


Cut down your salt intake

A diet high in sodium is often the culprit as sodium causes your body to hold on water, which leads to edema and fluid retention.  This can make varicose veins worse. If yovaricose veinsu can’t give up salt altogether, replace it with Himalayan salt or use spices and herbs in your daily meals.


Apply a treatment cream daily

Approved by dermatologists, Vein Vanish allows men and women to diminish the appearance of varicose veins within as little as 30 days (if used twice daily), painlessly and without surgery.

Varicose veins can spoil the look of your skin and make you feel self-conscious about what you wear.  Vein Vanish has a unique blend of active ingredients that work together to diminish and reduce the appearance of veins, making skin look and feel soothed and refreshed.

Do you or have you suffered from varicose veins?  Which treatment do you find works best for you?