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TOWIE’s Sam loses 5lb following the James Duigan Clean & Lean Diet!

TOWIE’s Sam Faiers has been following this detox diet and within three weeks she had flattened her tum and lost 5lbs!  She says: “My stomach is less bloated and my face looks thinner and slimmer.  My thighs are also thinner and my skin is brighter and healthier.  “I’m really pleased with the results and I’m going to keep up the hard work.” Simply pick one meal from the selection below for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it really is as simple as that! And you even get to choose 2 delicious snacks per day too!

Breakfast (pick one each day) 

• 1 boiled, scrambles or poached egg, 50g of smoked salmon & spinach

• 100g of smoked salmon & sliced cucumber

• 100g of sliced chicken, ¼ of an avocado and green beans

• 100g of turkey with mixed veg

• 2 boiled eggs, with spinach cooked with olive oil and 1 slice of turkey

• 100g of turkey with salad

• 100g of smoked trout, carrots and sliced red and yellow peppers

• 100g of mackerel & ½ a slice of rye bread

• 50g of turkey with 1 boiled egg and sliced peppers

• 2 poached eggs and 2 grilled tomatoes

Lunch (pick on each day)

• 1 grilled sea bass and mixed salad

• 2-egg omelette made with spinach & 1 slice of turkey, with salad

• 100g of turkey with ¼ avocado, spinach, tomato and cucumber

• 100g of mackerel with tomato, spinach & green beans

• 100g of pan-fried prawns & mixed veg

• 1 beef burger (no bun) with pan-fried mushrooms and onions & grilled tomato

• 100g of roast chicken & mixed salad

• 1 baked sea bass with tomato, spinach, cucumber, olives & green beans

• 100g fillet steak with steamed broccoli & green beans

• 1 grilled cod fillet with rocket, red onion & mange tout

Dinner (pick one each day) 

• 100g of grilled beef fillet with ¼ of an avocado & steamed broccoli and spinach

• 1 grilled cod fillet with steamed green beans or green veg

• 100g of grilled lamb chop with spinach, broccoli and red peppers

• 1 chicken breast with steamed courgettes

• 1 chicken breast stir-fried with mixed vegetables

• 100g salmon fillet baked in foil with chopped dill, crushed garlic and paprika, served with steamed broccoli and cauliflower

• 100g grilled rump beef steak with peppers, green beans & broccoli

• 1 grilled salmon steak with sautéed kale, cabbage & red peppers

• 1 grilled chicken breast with steamed asparagus & courgette

• 1 chicken breast, slit open and filled with 2tsp pf pesto, then baked for 25 minutes, served with green salad

• 1 grilled chicken breast, served with green peas

• 100 of roast turkey with roasted peppers & broccoli

• 100 fillet steak pan-fried in ½ tbsp of olive oil with pepper and garlic, served with steamed green beans & broccoli

• 1 baked salmon steak, with steamed mixed vegetables

• Celery, 1tbsp of houmous and 25g of chicken

• 50g of turkey & 2 slices of avocado

Snacks (pick two each day)

• Sliced raw veg with 1tbsp of houmous

• 75g of chicken with mixed raw veg

• Handful of seeds

• 50g of chicken & a handful of almonds

• 8 cashew nuts

• 50g of chicken and a small handful of sunflower seeds

• 100g of beef or turkey with 2 oatcakes

• 4 – 6 macadamias

• 50g of sliced turkey & 2 thick slices of avocado

• 50g of turkey and 4-6 almonds

• 50g of chicken & chopped veg

• 50g of turkey & a small handful of sunflower seeds

• 5 brazil nuts

• ½ an avocado & 50g of turkey