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Top tips for a healthy Christmas dinner

Top tips for a healthy Christmas dinnerEveryone looks forward to their annual Christmas dinner, but it can be a bit or a worry if you've been slimming all year – isn't it really a calorie-fest?

Actually, it doesn't have to be, so we've got some tips to help you make the most wonderful meal of the year lower in fat but still really tasty.

First, make your pigs in blankets healthier by opting for rindless bacon and mini sausages, then grilling instead of frying them.

For roast potatoes, don't feel you have to cook them in fat – Morrisons suggests roasting them in four teaspoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of light margarine, then adding a little seasoning of your choice via dried herbs for flavour.

Meanwhile, mashed potatoes will taste just as creamy with low-fat fromage frais instead of butter.

For the turkey itself, consider getting a crown so there is more lean breast meat and you won't be tempted to overindulge. Also, don't baste it – Rosemary Conley TV chef Dean Simpole-Clarke points out that there is plenty of juiciness in there if you cook it slowly.

Finally, instead of serving up fatty gravy made from meat juices, try making a low-fat variety using poultry stock, vegetables and a little soy sauce.

Are you going to try these ideas for a healthier Christmas dinner?