TOP 3 SUPERFOODS - Slimming Solutions





Seaweed must be No1 in the superfood group.  It is low in antioxidants, calories & carbohydrates.  It is rich in Chlorophyll, fibre, iodine, minerals, omegas, nutrients, polysaccharides, potassium & Vitamin C.  This must make it the most nutritious vegetable in the world.

Boosts detoxification.

Burns fat and discourages the production of it.

Keeps your cholesterol under control.

Prevents blood clots and reduces blood pressure.

Reduces inflammation helping with arthritis.

Suppresses hunger.


Maca is rich in amino acids, calcium, essential natural fatty acids, iron, iodine, magnesium, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorous, phytochemicals, protein, vitamin B, C, & E  & zinc.

A must for women offering relief from the effects of the menopause by decreasing symptoms & balancing hormones.

Also beneficial for men.  Helping with erectile dysfunction.

Balances hormones and increases fertility.

Boosting libido Enhancing sexual desire and increased endurance

Helping to balance brain health, cognitive function, memory, stabilizes analytical skills and rational thinking.

Helps with anaemia, anxiety, cardiovascular diseases,

chronic fatigue, cramps, depression, healing wounds, hot flashes, night sweats, skin with acne/blemishes/spots, sleeping patterns & stress.

Improves energy levels, mood, sexual health, stamina & weight loss.

Increases bone density.  Helping osteoporosis.

When taking a dose of 3g a day is may improve sexual dysfunction, increase libido, and improve sexual satisfaction.

As everything is more balanced this makes arousal much easier to achieve as it improves energy levels.

Easily used and can be added to any meal but not anything that is too hot as it will lose its benefits.

Not to be used if pregnant

Green and black tea

It comes down to preference of taste at the end of the day.

They both act as an antioxidant helping to block harmful toxic chemicals.

Boost your immune system.

Helps with depression, digestion, fighting viruses, protecting brain cells, relieve arthritis & stress.

Improves bone density.

Poly-phenols found in Black tea is claimed to reduce plaque and prevent it from forming & also restricts bacterial growth that causes cavities and decays in teeth.

Reduces bad and increases good cholesterol.