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Top 10 reasons mothers go on a diet

According to a new survey by Wholegrain Goodness, badly fitting clothes, unflattering photos, and health concerns are the top three reasons why mothers go on a diet to lose weight.

The research shows that while a mother’s main priority for family meals is keeping everyone else healthy and happy, when it comes to her own diet, it’s more about how she looks and feels.

The survey also showed that when mothers strayed from their diet, the overwhelming feeling was that of guilt, but other feelings included feeling fat, happy, naughty, and satisfied.

The top ten reasons mothers gave for going on a diet are:

1. Clothes not fitting

2. Seeing unflattering photos

3. Health reasons

4. Having children

5. A friend or family member losing weight

6. Advice from a doctor or health professional

7. Encouragement from a friend or family to lose weight

8. A celebrity losing weight

9. Other

10. Something I read in the media

Psychologist Linda Papadopoulos said: “There are a number of factors behind the decision to try to lose weight, and sadly because we live in such a visual and image-driven society it’s no surprise that the results indicate that for many a big motivator is appearance.” (IANS)

What made you decide to lose weight?