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Tips to lose stomach weight after Pregnancy!

After having a baby, every woman goes through the dilemma of carrying that excess stomach weight which is so hard to get rid off. Now there is no need to worry about that annoying flab any more!

Here are some ways for you to blast the fat away from your tummy area with very little effort!

1. The first thing you need to do is simple – just turn everyday activities into workouts. You need to think about the way you hold your baby.  The majority of mothers hold their little one on their side – this makes your hip jut sideways and you let go of your stomach.  You should try holding your baby in front of you and concentrate on holding your stomach in and keep good posture. You will be using your stomach muscles!

2. Why not use your baby for little workouts? Try sitting upright on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you. Place your baby on your shins (ensuring you are holding onto their hands or arms) and lift your legs up and then down. Also why not try sits-ups whilst your baby is in their bouncy seat? You can do sit-ups in front of them and everytime you sit up, make a silly face and your baby will laugh. This makes the workout fun for you and your baby!  

3. What most people don’t realise is that one of the hardest things to change is your eating habits. You need to drink a lot of water as this will help to flush out your system, but avoid drinking carbonated drinks as this will lead to bloating. Potassium rich foods are good for you to eat and they include bananas, spinach and apricots.  These foods will help get rid of the excess water in your body. However do not eat foods that are high in sodium as those foods can cause water retention.

4. The most important thing is to do a little exercise every single day. Also do not give up! Everyone who has had a baby can get a fabulous figure; it just needs a little effort! 

Do you know of any extra tips to lose pregnancy weight?