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Tips on how to get your Spanx on!

Are you struggling to get into your Spanx? Don’t worry because you’re not the only one! We’ve compiled a short list of our top tips for the best and easiest fit; so let’s get your Spanx on!

Camis & Slips
Camis and Slips are sometimes put on incorrectly which can cause great difficulty with getting the best look; you shouldn’t put them over your head but rather step into it. This not only gives you an easier time putting it on but by pulling it upwards but gives “the girls” an extra boost too!

Mid-Thigh Shapers and Bodysuits
Simply put your legs into the shaper or bodysuit in the place you want it to rest and then gently pull up the rest of the material over your body; this should provide a secure placement and a great looking fit.

Pantyhose / Tights
The biggest mistake is just yanking them on! Gather the product in your hands and work up each leg slowly and steadily; this will help reduce runs/tears and provide for the best fit.

Slim Cognito Shaping Mid-Thigh Bodysuit
We suggest starting by attaching the optional straps to your bra before putting your shaper and bra on; the easiest way is by laying them flat and attaching them, then pop the connected bra and bodysuit on. This method has been proven and time and time again by customers as the easiest and quickest way to get the straps on!

Do you have any other useful tips for getting your Spanx Shapewear on?