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Tips for a clean and lean body

Do you want to lose weight and achieve a cleaner, leaner body? It’s simple – ban the following;

Caffeine: This is ok in small doses (two cups of tea or a cup of coffee daily), but too much encourages the body to cling to fat.

Refined Sugar: This raises insulin levels which cause fat storage and the body uses vitamins to break it down. So not only is it devoid of nutrients, it lessens the effect of the good stuff, too!

Alcohol: It’s full of sugar and stimulates the production of oestrogen which causes fat storage around the tummy. Also when you drink the liver has to stop burning fat to process the toxins.

Processed Foods: Ready meals and cheese go against the Clean & Leans rules as they are full of preservatives and additives. Also avoid frozen vegetables as they are stripped of their natural goodness.

Top Tip: Don’t be Ant-Fat! Good fats such as nuts, oily fish and avocados reduce cravings for sugary treats and increase your energy levels.

Are you going to achieve a clean and lean body?